Modern Tropical Romance on Oahu Terrace

March 2, 2020

Ashley Cooper|Pacific Weddings

53 By The Sea is one of Hawaii's greatest kept secrets. The ocean front restaurant venue features a grand staircase that serves as the perfect bridal entrance. It leads to a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the light blue Hawaiian waters. The venue even offers the use of two separate chapels with dramatic windows looking straight out to the sea. It is one of the few tranquil sections of Waikiki; and, all in all, it is incredibly romantic. 

This Modern Tropical Romance shoot was inspired by the soothing and beautiful view on the Terrace. Just the magnificent backdrop of Oahu is more than enough beauty for this romantic styled shoot. Angelica of Anela Events played with the natural beauty of a soft color pallet in blush, ivory, and neutral tan. The subtle yet elegant decor wonderfully contrasts against striking ball gown from Magnolia White Hawaii.