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We're an indie publisher who started off with a wing and lots of prayers - dreamers and doers who love design and all things beautiful. Somehow kismet landed a few graphic designers and editors smack in the middle of the wedding world, and we all vowed (pun intended) to carve a different path - the new destination wedding. This highly fashionable, detailed event would celebrate the natural beauty of it's surroundings, albeit Wine Country or a sunny beach in Maui.

We are about integrity, honesty, the pursuit of excellence in editorial and design - all the old-fashioned stuff that genuinely comprises the American dream. We love helping talented, starry-eyed photographers and wedding ingenues launch their careers in a competitive landscape, where talent should surpass celebrity but sometimes doesn't.

We think of Pacific Weddings as a voice for all the top talent in this complex wedding world, from event designers and florists to photographers, both vets and fresh-faced college grads.

Our grassroots indie status makes us a small but agile team of creatives, who together can make decisions without corporate approval. While larger publishers may be prone to following the mainstream, we delight in the risk of uncharted territory and the innovative path.

At the end of the day our pursuit is simple: to create a unique and uber-cool inspirational collection, both print and digital for the bride, and to shine a light on the Pacific's top talent - those who are as keen to make a mark in this world as we are.

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Each edition of Pacific Weddings is carefully composed of original concepts and fresh ideas to inspire brides from around the world. This award-winning publication both shares and influences its readers' discerning tastes. Simply put, Pacific Weddings sets the trends and raises the level of expectation with its innovation, quality and attention to detail.

Pacific Weddings magazine and website reaches the most affluent areas in the nation.

Our readers are well-traveled, sophisticated professionals who are seeking a unique experience for their event, with warm weather and luxury resorts at the top of their priority list. Honeymooners tend to outspend other vacationers significantly, and most plan their events 12-18 months in advance.

Launched in 1999, Pacific Weddings was the first publication of its kind, originally designed to introduce couples to the wonderful possibilities of a wedding away. Over the past twelve years we have earned a reputation of excellence and remained true to our editorial mission-to inform and inspire an affluent group of readers to create the wedding of their dreams in the Pacific. Innovative style and careful research combine to guide brides as they plan their weddings and honeymoons. Pacific Weddings is a trustworthy and constant companion during this decision-making process.

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We regularly work with national brands and small business owners, and can help you find an advertising package that works for your needs. We are also happy to hear any unique advertising ideas you may have.

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