Big News!

September 30, 2014

Pacific Weddings

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
{ Pablo Picasso }

It is with great excitement that we announce a very special edition of Pacific Weddings will debut in 2015! After over 15 years, we have decided to change courses and create an advertisement free editorial edition of Pacific Weddings that will be distributed to exclusive bridal houses across the nation and internationally.

While many in our industry are focused on reducing quality and producing digital magazines, we've set our sights in the opposite direction, pursuing an even higher level of craftsmanship and design. And we have never been more excited to share the most sophisticated wedding inspiration in the world in a beautiful new format. Vogue writer Lizzie Garrett Mettler writes about what she calls "Internet fatigue," saying, "As our Facebook feeds are increasingly overtaken with unread blog posts, disposable lists, and the general digital overload, a niche market has clearly opened up for whatever is the opposite of all this--an object with shelf life, a disinterest in newsworthiness, and, seemingly most of all, thick paper." We agree!

Since our launch in 1999, we have pursued a different way of thinking, pressing against the status quo to guide couples in their visions of a unique wedding celebration. We understand that without your partnership, Pacific Weddings would have remained just an idea among friends. You have allowed us to inspire thousands of couples around the world and launch more than a few emerging wedding careers over the years!

Today, we see the new Pacific Weddings as an opportunity to be liberated, acknowledging our past with reverence and gratitude so we can embrace the future--one that will certainly redefine the essence of who we are. The gorgeous and thoughtful redesign of our website will continue to evolve and present opportunities to partner with us and enjoy the benefits of co-branding through online advertising.  

As we embark on this untrodden path, we hope you will join us in the adventure of following that inner voice. By chasing our hopes and dreams, we hope to inspire you to be a little fearless and follow your own!

Carpe Diem!