Ines by Ines Di Santo

April 7, 2021

Ashley Cooper|Pacific Weddings

Born in Milan, influenced by her upbringing in Buenos Aires, and currently residing in Toronto, Ines Di Santo is a truly global brand that is beloved by brides around the world. Her collections are noted for featuring designs of wide ranges- spanning anywhere from soft and romantic A line dresses; sexy, modern backless pieces; classic embellished silhouettes; and daring reconstructed ball gowns with bold color.   

"This season Ines had to look no further than her own brides to find inspiration. Intuitively aware of their unique qualities, Ines views the women she dresses as modern day goddesses in their own right. In tribute to their limitless feminine energy, she has boldly created The Goddess Collection. Comprising five distinctly imagined Goddesses, this collection embodies the traits Ines values most in her own life and observes in the women she encounters every day."